Norbert Möslang "Fuzz_Galopp" LP (12",45RPM)

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During the work for Voice Crack duo Norbert Möslang was one of the pioneers in the field of sound installation techniques usage in live improvised music. His instruments are cracked everyday-electronics, but sounds themselves are delivered from the mechanical properties of these devices. This kind of approach seems to be similar to Peter Fischli and David Weiss practices in the visual arts’ fields. The comparison of the film documentaries - "The Way Things Go" (1987) about Fischli/Weiss activities and "Kick that habit" (1989) about Voice Crack – is quite correct. In the beginnings the Voice Crack sound works were conjured with post-industrial and noise practices of Borbetomagus i Hijokaidan, but in the end it resulted in the rise of XXI century free-improv and EAI movement Nmperign duoJerôme NoetingerLionel MarchettierikMAndrea NeumannJason KahnCor Fuhler, etc. Moslang was cooperating with most of these sound artists. After the Voice Crack finished all activities, Möslang continued his sound explorations in the field of cracked everyday-electronics. His recordings started to be vivid and colorful, focused more on subtle and precise movements and thrills of the objects

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